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Creativity - Has Your AV Supplier Got The Creative Flare?

So our food for thought for this next blog is all about finding creativity in your AV supplier.

As mentioned in our last blog ‘Event Production Fit For A King Without The Royal Budget’ we know that generally when looking for your AV supplier, price is what determines who you select for your event. Now although you don’t have to spend a fortune getting the right AV, the guidance of someone creative is the key to getting the most out of what you’re paying for.

We believe that in order to provide excellent service in the lead up to your event you should be given options. Options that allow you to choose where you want your lighting to be, or whether you want projection across the conference room or maybe onto an external wall. With the recent advancements in technology, simply using some spot lights and a microphone may not be enough to make your event stand out.

It is hard to find organisations in the industry these days that can offer excellent service, creativity and a wide range of knowledge and expertise. It is the 20 years’ experience in the industry that Projected Image Ltd have that means if you request a quote, we can discuss all your needs, dependant on a matter of variables such budget and venue. We can creatively look at your venue, and guide you through the options available. Whether it be a stage, lighting or 3D projection mapping, we can give you what it takes, all directly from your AV supplier – Now there aren’t many others who can offer that!

(source: Scientific American)

When you see this image does it remind you of yourself? If so, you’re not alone. When your conversation gets to the point where a client says “I want the technology at my event to be creative” – don’t panic, there are people who can help you!

Creativity comes naturally and isn’t something that can be taught – it’s one of those you’ve either got it or you don’t scenarios – Luckily for us, we’ve got it! We can design your AV around your requirements and provide you with 2D/3D drawings of just how your event will look. We want to make your event memorable by looking at the possibilities and making them happen. We can help you generate the atmospheric standpoint you want your guests to be experiencing.

From Sound, Lighting or Projection, to Staging and Set Design we are more than just an AV hire company. We will listen to your ideas and turn them into a practical solution. Even if you’ve never used an external AV company before, don’t let that stop you from advancing your events to the next level!

Get in touch via email on or via social media. Now we know there are a lot of these sites around and naturally we wanted to be on all of them (that’s not greedy of us is it?). You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn and if you fancy following us on the events and having a peak at what we do, why not follow our Instagram account too?